About Me

Portrait of Rayna Anderson
With one degree in psychology and another in communications, my unique educational path prepared me well for a career in the video game industry. My life-long love of games drew me to this industry and I’ve found it to be the perfect place to put theory into practice.

I’ve spent more than a decade designing and writing games for all platforms in all genres. I’ve had the opportunity to add to the storied universes of IPs like CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, and Deus Ex. I’ve also worked on building up the worlds of new IPs like Dungeon Hunter and Modern Combat.

Every project brings new challenges that have given me the chance to apply my skills in new ways. For example, my radio and theatre backgrounds have given me the ear I need to work as a voice director. I’m always excited to see what new things I’ll be doing next.


Speaking engagements

  • East Coast Gaming Conference (Raleigh) – Expanding Existing Universes (2017)
  • GDC Narrative Summit – Storytelling is a Team Sport (2017)
  • Script Lock Podcast – Guest: Episode 21: Rayna Anderson & Alexis Kennedy
  • Montreal ComicCon – Writing Games for Existing Universes panel (2016)
  • Terminus (Atlanta) – Non-Linear Narratives panel; Creating Three Dimensional Characters panel (2016)
  • GDC – Amplifying New Voices speaker bootcamp (2016)
  • Pixelles Montreal – Game Writing Panel (2016)
  • Montreal ComicCon – Narrative in Games 101 panel (2015)